Why Yes to Taking Supplements

Posted by in Health on September 19, 2016 . .

Health Linked To Lifestyle

Concerning health, up until the 60’s/70’s, the public, in general, was not aware of the relationship between health and lifestyle. People became ill some terminally ill without realising that it was due to their particular food intake and,  or possibly a smoking habit. Over the years, medical and lifestyle research has proven the importance of a balanced nutritional diet, with appropriate exercise.     

Healthy Body Cells and Free Radicals

Our bodies have around 75 Trillion cells which continually reproduce as an exact copy, helping to keep it healthy and disease free. However, our bodies come under attack by Free Radicals which affect the healthy cells. Healthy cells are made up of Atoms with paired Electrons in balance. If a cell loses an Electron, it then becomes a Free Radical that can alter, destroy or reproduce cells in a damaged state causing disease/illnesses.                             

The Effects of Free Radicals

Cells that get damaged can cause or contribute to a range of diseases such as Osteoporosis, Cancers, Heart Problems and many others. Although we have become aware of this, there has been a steady increase over the last four decades partly due to our food intake, lifestyle and the methods used in food production.  

Are We Getting Good Nutritional Value

Going back to our early day's crops were grown in rotation to allow farmland to recover through the seasons, and livestock reared in the traditional way. Increased demand for produce and animal products led to more intensive farming practices to keep up with the trend; this included the use of additional fertilisers and pesticides. The question is now: - are we getting good nutritional value out of our modern day food products?

The Use of Supplements

It’s difficult to know if the food you eat has maintained its full nutritional value from the point of origin also, in the way it is prepared or cooked.

Free Radicals are an ongoing problem for our bodies to deal with, so it's important that we have sufficient Antioxidants in our system to counteract the effects of Free Radicals. If not by eating the right foods then supplements can be used in support of this.